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We need your help to improve the environment and make the world a better place!  Please get involved by looking at our website and giving us your feedback. Your input will really be help us with this project!

Phone: (480)-883-5270  *Ask for any Once Upon A Tree member


Facebook Page: Once Upon A Tree

When most people think about deforestation issues, they imagine the destruction of the worlds rainforests. Many people are totally unaware of the dire conditions of the forests in our very own nation. We plan to change this misconception and raise awareness about just how unhealthy our forests really are. We also plan to demonstrate that as a society, we can ALL make a difference. If a small group of sophomore girls can set up a foundation and help finance the planting of a thousand saplings, as well as clear cut an acre of forest, then we all can easily make the world that we live in a much greener place.  Please, join us in our cause and help us keep this world as beautiful as it is today for future generations.


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